GameChanger Correction


Sometimes we get moving too fast and important pieces of the world fly right by unnoticed. We have mentioned several times about Lady Bandits on GameChanger via Press Release, Facebook Post and as secondary items in multiple email blasts. Each and every one of those was pointing y'all to the WRONG team. We had set up a fake team on the app for testing and validating certain things, and we only just now noticed that it was in fact the test team that was linked to those announcements and on the website, instead of the REAL team that we intend to use. The idea was to keep them separate. Oops.

So, yeah. Sorry. Please make sure to connect with the the REAL team on GameChanger for all the amazing reasons that we suggested you connect with the FAKE team. Sigh.



P.O. Box 1349
Snellville, GA 30078