Team Rules & Regulations

Revised July 19th, 2019

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The following rules apply above and beyond the Lady Bandits Code of Conduct, and every player will adhere to these rules & regulations or be subject to the documented demerit policy attached herein as Schedule B.

  • Foul language on or off the field is prohibited. Violation will result in benching or suspension.
  • Throwing and/or abuse of equipment is prohibited. In the event that equipment is thrown/abused and damaged, the player will be expected to reimburse Lady Bandits for repair or replacement costs.
  • No earrings or jewelry are allowed at practice or during games.
  • Uniforms should be kept clean, in good repair, and always tucked in when applicable; from calisthenics until the game is completed, uniforms should be worn correctly.
  • Players will sprint to and from their positions. Players will run at full speed on all ground balls and fly balls, no matter how "inevitable" a putout might appear.
  • No spectators are allowed in the dugout during a game. This includes parents, family members, friends, boyfriends, scouts, etc.
  • Attendance is essential to a successful program and players are expected to attend all team activities (i.e. practices, games, scrimmages, social events, fund raisers, community service etc.). Absences or truancy may be excused on occasion if it is in compliance with the documented excused absence policy attached as Schedule A. Unexcused absences will be addressed by the issuance of demerits in accordance with the documented demerit policy attached as Schedule B.
  • Players are expected to be geared up and ready to begin on schedule. Players arriving late or dressing/gearing up after practice has started will be issued demerits in accordance with the attached demerit policy (Schedule B).
  • Players with more than 1 unexcused absence are subject to a suspension of playing privileges during the next scheduled game day.
  • Players in financial default of registration fees or installments will have playing privilege suspended until their team account is brought current.
  • Players are required to add, friend, connect, follow or otherwise accept Lady Bandits Fastpitch social media accounts on every network. This includes (but is not limited to): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, MySpace, YouTube, Discord & TikTok. 
  • The game of softball is a gift, and your ability to play is a blessing. You will show respect for the game, sportsmanship to your opponents and gratitude for your coaches and teammates at all times. Regardless of circumstance, a winning attitude will be exhibited in ALL interactions with or about Lady Bandits Fastpitch, on or off the field. This includes post-game conversations, dugout talk, social media, group chats and all forms of digital communication.

Schedule A

Excused Absences
Absences or tardiness may be excused on occasion, at the coaches’ discretion if it complies with one or more of the following exceptions, given that proper notice is provided. Proper notice for an excused absence means no less than 5 business days before the absence is to occur.

Immediate Family Emergencies

If there is a medical emergency involving a member of the player’s household or an immediate family member, a member of the executive coaching staff may excuse an absence or tardy. By nature of emergency situations, this cannot be preapproved, but a pattern of “emergencies” that amount to an attendance issue will be highly scrutinized and subject to the demerit policy.

Academic Special Events

This is not in favor of a Thursday book club that results in missing a practice every week. Truancy may be excused by a member of the executive coaching staff in recognition of events that are related to academic programs, and can include award ceremonies, performances or other similar occasions. Academic events.

Family Special Occasions

Special occasions such as weddings, funerals, graduations, baby showers and the like may be excused at the discretion of an executive coaching staff member, so long as it is not frequent or abused. This does not cover that Saturday BBQ at uncle Joe’s twice a month, this is truly intended to allow for special occasions.

Church Events

Anything regarding the spiritual walk of our players may be excused, so long as it does not become a pattern of attendance issues. Church outings, retreats, camps, baptisms and other spiritual types of events can be excused at our discretion.

Player Injury or Illness

A player suffering from a physical injury (softball or non-softball related), or a debilitating or communicable illness may be excused by a member of the executive coaching staff if the player is in possession of a physician’s note indicating a recommendation of non-participation. If it is not possible to obtain a physician’s note in advance, one must be provided before the player will be allowed to return to any team activity.

Executive coaching staff members reserve the right to excuse absences at their discretion. Any unexcused absence or tardy will be addressed by the documented demerit policy addressed in the attached Schedule B. Be sure to discuss family vacations or travel dates with a coach as soon as you have them secured.

Schedule B

Demerit Policy
Any player deemed to have violated team rules, regulations or code of conduct may be, at coaches’ discretion, subject to the demerit policy described herein. The issuance of demerits is not done flippantly, and as a well-thought out path, is not subject to discussion, protest or appeal. The decision by the coach(es) is final.

All demerit transactions are at the full discretion of the executive coaching staff, and are not governed by any parameters. Coach(es) shall issue demerits commensurate with their interpretation of the offense regardless of the following guidelines. These are provided for reference only, and are not limitations to the disciplinary extent coach(es) may take.


A tardy demerit is issued when a player is tardy to any team activity. Team activities consist of scheduled practices, scrimmages, games, fund raisers, community service, social events etc. Tardy means that the player was not on site and ready to participate PRIOR to the scheduled arrival time.

1 - 10 Minutes Late 1 Demerit
11 - 30 Minutes Late 2 Demerits
31+ Minutes Late 3 Demerits

Unexcused Absence

Any absence is unexcused if it does not comply with one or more of the exceptions described in the attached excused absence policy, attached as Schedule A. In addition to compliance, if the absence was not approved in advance with a member of the executive coaching staff in accordance with the policy, it shall be deemed unexcused.

Unexcused Absence 4 Demerits
No Call, No Show 5 Demerits

Demerit Collection

Each demerit is accompanied by 2 (two) innings loss of play time. No exceptions will be made. If a player accrues 10 or more demerits in a season, they are subject to further disciplinary action including but not limited to:

  • Indefinite suspension, with or without the right to earn back reinstatement
  • Removal from the team roster


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