Uniform & Equipment Agreement

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Uniforms & branded equipment (i.e. gear bags, batting helmets etc.) are purchased by the team, for team use throughout the season. They are an extension of our identity, and crucial to our ability to continue the season, and they are issued to you in the expectation that you are committed to completing the season. They are yours to keep once the last tournament of the season has been played, so long as your team dues are paid in full. Until both of these conditions are met, all uniforms and gear issues by Lady Bandits Fastpitch Ltd. belong entirely to the program, and can be used by the coaches and administrators as needed.

Player Resignation

Players who quit the team, walk off, withdraw, resign or otherwise refuse to participate in team activities are required to return all program issued equipment & attire, in good condition, within 72 hours of resignation.

Player Removal

In the event that a player is removed from the program due to violations of Rules & Regulations or Codes of Conduct, that player is required to return all program issued equipment & attire, in good condition, within 72 hours of removal.

End of Season

The season is over when the head coach declares that the last tournament for the season has been played, not to exceed one calendar year after the official season start date. Only the head coach can designate the season over prior to season expiration.

  • 1 Uniform (Jersey, Pants, Belt & Socks)
  • 1 Branded Batting Helmet
  • 1 Embroidered Gear Bag

By signing below and accepting the equipment listed above, I agree to the conditions set forth in this document. I agree to clean them properly after every use, and keep them free from damage, stains and unusual wear.

Should equipment or attire be returned in unsatisfactory condition per the terms in this agreement, I agree to reimburse Lady Bandits Fastpitch Ltd. in full within 72 hours of return.



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