Coach Matthew

Matthew Whitehurst

The most important attribute of a head coach is the ability to bring coaches and players from different diverse backgrounds and effectively encourage and manage the team as a cohesive unit. Coach Matthew embodies this philosophy and has proven to consistently achieve superior results.

Coach Matthew’s love for diamond sports began at an early age. Beginning at age six, Matthew has 12 years of personal experience playing youth softball. He refused to give up the sport and as a result Coach Matthew participated in adult slow pitch leagues. In 2018, he decided to take his love of the game back on the field under a new role: coaching. In his impressive rookie head coaching season, Coach Matthew led the underdog Walton County All Stars to win the state USSSA Championship.

He then took his team to the All-Star World Series; incredibly placing 5th overall. His tenacity and passion successfully balance the discipline and intensity of Lady Bandit’s offense and defense coaches. Coach Matthew’s ability to not only recognize greatness in others, but to motivate others to achieve their greatest is what makes him so valuable as the Lady Bandit’s head coach.

Additionally, through his employment as a financial analyst, Coach Matthew has significant experience in business finance. This invaluable exposure leaves him distinctly ahead of his competition, because he will be able to take care of players and their parents. Coach Matthew understands all financial perspectives. Other teams often have to outsource and rely on others who may not understand the needs of both the game and the finances that drive the success of the team. Coach Matthew’s leveled balance between significant experience in youth baseball and financial business experience make him the best and natural fit as head coach of the Lady Bandits.








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